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Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling

Q: What is acceptable and unacceptable in the Mixed Paper Recycling Program?

A: The following is a list of acceptable and unacceptable materials:

Acceptable Material
white ledger Paper white memo pad sheets
white legal pad sheets staples
white Copy Paper  
food wrappers  
colored paper  
Post-it notes  
glossy or coated paper  

carbon paper
food wrappers
tissues, napkins, paper towels
NCR paper
photographic paper

Q: What happens to this paper after it is collected by World Recycling Company?

A: World Recycling Company sorts and organizes the paper, then sells it to a paper mill which reprocesses it into new office paper. If cellophane of claycoated paper, like that used in magazines, gets mixed in, it causes lumps to form creating an inferior and insoluble product. Too many contaminates means that the paper cannot be recycled and ends up in a landfill. It is possible to recycle this paper into other products, but, at present, it is not to be mixed in with the paper collected in our High Grade Program.

Q: Does it matter what color the ink is on the white paper?

A:No. The paper is washed to remove the ink and new white paper is produced.

Q: Does World Recycling Company accept any recyclable products other than paper?

A: World Recycling will accept the following in addition to office paper:

  • aluminum cans
  • glass - newspaper
  • luminum plates

Q: What fees are associated with a recycling program?

A: The World Recycling collection boxes are provided at a small fee. While smaller offices may incur a nominal change for service, typical large producing buildings will incur no service fees.

Q: Does World Recycling Company provide residential service?

A: At this time, World Recycling Company services commercial and industrial accounts only.

Q: Does World Recycling handle waste from printing?

A: Yes. World Recycling does handle printing waste. Accounts producing large volumes will be compensated.

Q: How will World Recycling pick up our recycling?

A: World Recycling can provide your office building with toters, carts, gaylords, and, for large industrial producers, trailers for your company, which will be removed at scheduled interviews.

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