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Office Recycling Programs: How do they work?

Office recycling programs are simple to put into place. While the program implemented for each individual office building is different, a typical office recycling program will proceed as follows:

  • A specially designed paper collection container will be given to every employee and, depending on space, can be placed either on or beneath each desk and work station. A list of “acceptable” and “unacceptable” types of paper will be printed on the container.
  • Throughout the day, as waste paper is generated, each employee will place used white paper in the container.
  • The small desk containers can be emptied by each employee, or by your building’s cleaning service, into a larger office container.
  • When the large containers are full, they are dumped into our toters, at which time the paper will be removed and taken back to the World Recycling plant to be processed.

If your business is interested in starting an office recycling program, please contact one of our representatives.

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