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World Recycling Company is the greenest company in the area, with the ability to handle all of your recycling needs and services. From Office Recycling, to Warehouse Recycling, Shredding, Pallets, Trash, Electronic Recycling, and Food Waste Disposal, World can handle any and all of your recycling. We are your one-stop shop for all of your recycling needs.

Office Recycling
World Recycling can implement an effective and easy office recycling program to tailor your commercial office building. World provides the necessary equipment and transportation for all of your office recycling which includes any office paper, as well as co mingled and glass beverage containers, cardboard, and shredding, if needed.

Learn more about how our Office Recycling service works.

Warehouse Recycling
If your facilities warehouse has paper, cardboard, or shrinkwrap to be picked up, World has the ability to handle that as well. Whether it is baled, or collected in carts or gay lords, World Recycling can tailor the program and pick-ups based on your preferences and requests. We also have the ability to place a baler or compactor into your warehouse or facility.

World Recycling provides secure, efficient, mobile paper shredding services with our shredding company, EcoShred LLC. Our fully automated, hands free, shredding process guarantees your documents are secure from our locked security console containers through final shredding.

World recycles 100% of all the paper that is shredded, resulting in a significant positive environmental impact to our environment.

World Recycling has the ability to buy and sell pallets. If your need pallet removal, World has the ability to remove and recycle them if we are handling your recycling services. If your company ever needs to buy pallets for your facility, we can process any order for "A" and "B" pallets as well as any custom order you may need.

Electronic Recycling
Eco Shred has the ability to handle your electronic recycling needs or E-Waste. World Recycling works together with Computer Donation Management (CDM) in Baltimore, Maryland (MD), and can recycle any type of old electronics or large machinery that needs recycling. Anything with a cord or a battery is acceptable.

World Recycling can your offer your office buildings trash services as well as recycling.

Food Waste and Disposal
World Recycling is the only company in the area that can provide your companies facility with the new, state of the art, Waste to Water machine. The Waste to Water machine processes and decomposes your food waste into water, severely cutting down your food trash and trash costs. The machine is the only cost effective, ecologically friendly and sanitary solution to the worlds growing food waste disposal needs.

If your business is interested in starting a recycling program or any of our other services, please contact one of our representatives.

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