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Why Recycle?

Recycling prevents the waste of useful materials, as well as reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials. Recycling extends the life of county landfills. Recycling one ton of office paper conserves three cubic yards of landfill space.

Recycling makes good business sense. The energy and production costs needed to produce finished materials are lower when recycled products are used. For instance, making office paper from recycled paper requires 50-60% less water and electricity than making paper from wood pulp.

Recycling produces less air and water pollution than the manufacture of products from raw materials.

Recycling conserves natural resources. Every time you recycle one ton of paper, you save 17 pine trees from being harvested.

Recycling provides jobs and economic development potential to businesses that collect, manufacture and distribute recycled products.

Itís the Law. All counties in Maryland, and Virginia as well as the District of Columbia require office buildings implement some form of commercial level recycling program in place.

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